Building working class power

Our goal is to unite the working masses under the banner of revolutionary class struggle, to achieve a genuinely democratic socialist society.

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Who We ARe

Working Class Unity represents not a political party but a member-driven, democratic political organization committed to advancing the cause of socialism openly within San Joaquin County.

join the fight

Many of us are committed to building a better world but don't know where to begin and it is easy to feel powerless when trying to advocate for change on your own. We need more than good ideas; we need the power to make those ideas real and fight back against corrupt politicians and corporations that currently hold all the power. The only way to achieve this is through a united working class.

How We Can Build Power

We are recruiting, educating, and supporting activists who will join the fight for working class power. We want to forge alliances between labor and tenant unions and social movements. It will not be quick or easy, but we believe that workers fighting for one another can build a movement for socialism and build a better world.